Official Decree Sanctions Draining of Prisoners' Blood Before Execution

Official Decree Sanctions Draining of Prisoners’ Blood Before Execution

In the Name of God

Date: 10/7/1360 (2/10/1982)

No. 3250

From: Prosecutor General’s Office of the Islamic Republic of Iran
To: All Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Offices in Cities and Provinces

According to the declaration of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, when brothers in the Guards Corps are wounded in street clashes or at the war fronts and sent to hospital in urgent need for blood transfusion, lack of blood leads to their death. To solve this problem, please make arrangements to secretly drain the blood of those sentenced to death before the verdict is carried out. Trusted medical staff should transfer the blood to the nearest blood bank or hospital to be used for wounded guards.

It should be noted that His Holiness, the vali-e faqih (Supreme Leader) Imam Khomeini, leader and founder of the Islamic Republic, was asked about the religious aspect of this action to ensure that there is no violation of religious ethics. He said there was none.

Signed and stamped: Prosecutor General of the Islamic Republic of Iran


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