About Us

About Us

Justice for Victims of 1988 Massacre in Iran (JVMI)

Who we are:

We are an association of families of the victims of the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran, former political prisoners, international lawyers and legal experts with an interest in obtaining justice over the massacre and for all the victims of executions in Iran.

Our Objectives:

The JVMI is a not for profit centre for research and documentation based in London which operates internationally.

The prime objective of JVMI is to raise public awareness and to seek truth and justice about perpetrators of crimes against humanity in Iran, with focus on Iran’s 1988 massacre. We believe that public awareness of the massacre, leading to international condemnation of the perpetrators, will pressure the Iranian authorities to desist from carrying out crimes of a similar nature in current times.

While many of the perpetrators of Iran’s 1988 massacre continue to hold senior positions within the government and judiciary with impunity, we seek to bring these perpetrators of crimes against humanity to justice. We believe impunity emboldens the perpetrators and weakens the foundations of society.

We campaign for the United Nations to set up a commission of inquiry on the 1988 massacre to obtain justice for the victims. We further support the global campaign calling for an end to executions in Iran.

What We Do:

We conduct research, interview witnesses to executions in Iran and former political prisoners and collect information about executions in Iran. We hold meetings and conferences as part of our effort for public awareness. We communicate with other NGOs to promote our objectives. As part of our activities we also approach governments and international institutions such as the UN Human Rights Council and UN Special Procedures Rapporteurs.