Photo - mass graves from Iran’s 1988 massacre

Interactive map of mass graves from Iran’s 1988 massacre (with photos)

In 1988, Iran’s regime massacred an estimated 30,000 political prisoners. The executions took place based on a fatwa by Ayatollah Khomeini. The victims were buried in secret mass graves.

An investigation by JVMI in 2016-2017 has traced the existence of 59 mass graves across Iran. The findings are based on eye-witness reports, information provided by family members of victims and documentary and photographic evidence from the sites.

The JVMI published its findings in a report in October 2017 (‘The 1988 Massacre in Iran: Evidence of a Crime Against Humanity’).

Use the JVMI’s interactive map to find further details and photographs of the mass graves that have been discovered to date.