Behesht Zahra Cemetery, Plot 41

Iran Breaks Tombstones To Dominate Cemeteries – Radio Farda

Radio Farda published a report on December 31, 2020 on the destruction of graves of political prisoners by agents of the Iranian government:

“They go from cemetery to cemetery, looking for unmarked graves. Wherever there is one, they squat over it, hoping that their children might be resting in peace down there. They mark the tombs with flowers or pieces of stone. Soon after, Iranian agents rush in and demolish the markings. For their part, they go back and replace the marks. Wherever there is a broken tombstone, they replace it with a new one. It’s an endless challenge between bereaved relatives and people hired to destroy dissidents’ graves.”

“In Iran, thousands of fathers and mothers whose children have fallen victim to the Islamic Republic’s heavy-handed response to protests are deprived of mourning for their loved ones.”

The full report is available here: