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In the face of ongoing human rights abuses in Iran, your support for JVMI can make a profound difference. For several years now, JVMI has been at the forefront of the fight against impunity, striving to bring justice to the families affected by tragic events, like the 1988 massacre, and ongoing crimes against humanity by Iranian authorities.

Why Your Donation Matters:
  1. Preservation of Crucial Evidence: JVMI’s efforts are vital in collecting and preserving evidence that can be used in international courts and by the United Nations to hold Iranian officials accountable. Your donation will empower JVMI to preserve essential data crucial for accountability mechanisms, including the establishment of a United Nations inquiry or the application of Universal Jurisdiction.
  1. Successful Legal and Advocacy Precedents: Our work has already yielded results, like the conviction of former prison guard Hamid Nouri in Sweden. This sets a precedent for future cases, including those against high-ranking officials like President Ebrahim Raisi. More recently, we launched a letter that was endorsed by 453 former world leaders, ministers, lawmakers, UN officials, human rights NGOs, and Nobel Laureates, which compelled Raisi to cancel his visit to the UN’s 2023 Global Refugee Forum in Switzerland.
  1. Preventing Ongoing Human Rights Violations: By holding Iranian authorities accountable for past crimes against humanity, such as the 1988 massacre, we aim to prevent the continued impunity that allows present-day dissidents and protesters to be murdered without consequence.
  1. Campaign for a UN Commission of Inquiry: JVMI is actively working on a campaign for the establishment of a UN commission of inquiry into the 1988 mass extra-judicial executions and enforced disappearances, targeting key perpetrators, including Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.
  1. Documented Evidence for Legal Action: We have successfully collected key evidence from survivors and victims’ families, already used in legal proceedings, such as the conviction of former prison guard Hamid Nouri in Sweden. Your support will strengthen our efforts to bring justice to the perpetrators.
  1. International Advocacy: Through various panels and collaborations with UN experts, JVMI has raised awareness and pushes for international recognition of the Iranian authorities’ crimes against humanity, including the 1988 massacre of thousands of political prisoners.
  1. Support for Victims and Their Families: Your donation helps amplify the voices of those seeking justice, like Maryam Akbari-Monfared, a mother of three, who is currently being harassed while serving a 15-year prison term simply for filing a complaint with the Judiciary over why her siblings were executed in 1988. Her sentence has been increased, while prison officials have told her she will never be released unless she renounces her call for accountability.
Looking Ahead to 2024:

Our projects include hosting a special witness presentation for survivors and victims’ families to share their testimonies with the UN and advocating for the use of Universal Jurisdiction to prosecute the perpetrators of the 1988 massacre.

  • Special Witness Presentation: Facilitating direct interactions between survivors and victims’ families with UN Special Procedures, ensuring their testimonies are recorded and preserved for future legal use.
  • International Legal Panels: Hosting panels featuring leading international legal and human rights professionals to advocate for the use of Universal Jurisdiction, urging states to prosecute perpetrators of the 1988 massacre as crimes against humanity.
Your Impact:

Every contribution helps JVMI in its crucial work to end the culture of impunity, which has enabled the Iranian authorities in perpetuating its atrocities against the Iranian people.

Your donation not only supports the pursuit of justice but also protects the lives of brave dissidents at risk of persecution.

Join Us in This Vital, Humanitarian Cause:

Stand with us to be a voice for the voiceless and contribute to a movement that seeks accountability, justice, and an end to human rights violations in Iran. Your support is more than a donation; it’s a lifeline to those fighting for justice and a brighter future.

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