Brave student in Tabriz University denounces #Iran's #1988massacre

Brave student in Tabriz Uni denounces Iran’s 1988 massacre

On 22 April 2017, a brave student in Tabriz University, north-west Iran, publicly denounced human rights abuses by the authorities in Iran, highlighting in particular the 1988 massacre of political prisoners. Addressing on the stage Hassan Abbasi, a former senior Revolutionary Guards officer, the Iranian student also condemned the IRGC’s role in the murder of the people of Syria.


… shows dozens of other martyrs. This was wrong and unjust support by the central layers of power and ignoring the voice of people’s protests.

You (Hassan Abbasi) speak of 2013, Mr. [Javad] Zarif mentioned 2016, but we speak of [the uprising in] 2009. …

We will forget about Ahmadinejad and won’t waste our energy on him. However, people like you, the military, militia affiliates and your masters who praised [Ahmadinejad] for eight years, and agreed with him, you are now here denying everything, but you must answer for the blood spilled in 2009, in prisons like Kahrizak, and the years of jail, torture and flogging that people have endured.

However, with the utmost obscenity, Ahmadinejad’s supporters are shamelessly looking in the people’s eyes and pointing them to [Ebrahim] Raisi. …

Hassan Abbasi, you theorize terrorism, fear, exporting weapons and war and supporting the blood-thirsty dictator Bashar Assad. Yes you theorize playing with people’s nationalist and religious beliefs, claiming to defend sacred shrines that are non-existent in Homs and Idlib. Which shrine?

Yes, your theory and your discussions defend the horrific, inhumane, illegal and irreligious massacres of 1988.

Yes, you justify ransacking other countries’ embassies.

You justify spending the nation’s budget on Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hassan Nasrollah himself admitted that their weapons, daily needs, food and even underwear are all paid for by the Iranian people’s budget.

And my last word is that we will neither forgive, nor forget your betrayals and crimes. Our people will avenge the pain and grief of the mothers [of the martyrs] of our nation.

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